Bright fasteners have no coating to protect the steel and are susceptible to corrosion if exposed to high humidity or water. They are not recommended for exterior use or in treated lumber, and only for interior applications where no corrosion protection is needed. Bright fasteners are often used for interior framing, trim and finish applications.

Heat Treated

Heat treated fasteners are hardened by altering the properties of the steel. The steel is heated up to extreme temperatures and then cooled down quickly. This produces very hard steel that can be used with hardened materials such as concrete and masonry. The heat treatment process does not protect the fastener from corrosion so they are recommended for interior applications where no corrosion protection is needed. Heat treated fasteners are also available with a galvanized coating which are more suitable for exterior applications.

Hot Dip Galvanized (HD)

Hot dip galvanized fasteners are coated with a layer of Zinc to help protect the steel from corroding. Although hot dip galvanized fasteners will corrode over time as the coating wears, they are generally good for the lifetime of the application. Hot dip galvanized fasteners are generally used for outdoor applications where the fastener is exposed to daily weather conditions such as rain and snow. Areas near the coasts where the salt content in rain water is much higher, should consider Stainless Steel fasteners as salt accelerates the deterioration of the galvanization and will accelerate corrosion. All B&C Eagle fasteners meet or exceed the ASTM 153-D classification for Zinc galvanization coating weight. This ensures the longest lifetime possible for a hot dip galvanized fastener.

Electro Galvanized (EG)

Electro Galvanized fasteners have a very thin layer of Zinc that offers some corrosion protection. They are generally used in areas where minimal corrosion protection is needed such as bathrooms, kitchens and other areas that are susceptible to some water or humidity. Roofing nails are electro galvanized because they are generally replaced before the fastener begins to wear and are not exposed to harsh weather conditions if installed properly. Areas near the coasts where salt content in rain water is higher should consider a Hot Dip Galvanized or Stainless Steel fastener. All B&C Eagle electro galvanized fasters meet or exceed the ASTM 641 for Zinc galvanized coating weight for maximum fastener lifetime.

Fire Rock Electro Galvanized (FRG)

Fire Rock Electro Galvanized is a B&C Eagle term.

Stainless Steel (SS)

Stainless steel fasteners offer the best corrosion protection available. The steel may oxidize or rust over time but it will never lose its strength from corrosion. Stainless Steel fasteners can be used for exterior or interior applications and generally come in 304 or 316 stainless steel. All B&C Eagle fasteners use a minimum S304 stainless steel.


Phosphate coating is used to reduce friction during installation and increase corrosion protection. You will most often find phosphate coating on drywall fasteners. Phosphate coating protects the fastener from corrosion although it is recommended that they are used for interior use only and not in treated lumber.

PPG 1,000hr E-Coat

PPG 1,000 hour E-coat is a premium coating that started out exclusively for industrial and automotive applications. Because of the success and high corrosion protection, it is now used on fasteners. PPG E-Coat comes in many colors and is spread consistently on the fastener ensuring a smooth uniform thickness that prevents recess head and thread fill. The fastener is Zinc and Zinc Nickel plated before being electro coated to provide ultimate corrosion protection. The PPG coating B&C Eagle uses for their fasteners withstands up to 1,000 hours of salt spray before starting to show signs of corrosion. This results in some of the best corrosion protection in the industry.


Vinyl coated fasteners use a slick vinyl coating to help ease driving of the fastener. When the fastener is driven it is briefly heated up by the friction and then quickly cools down, hardening the vinyl coating. The coating offers some extra holding power but does not protect the fastener from corrosion. Vinyl coated fasteners are recommended for interior applications where no corrosion protection is needed. All B&C Eagle vinyl coated fasters meet or exceed the ASTM F1667 classification.

Yellow Zinc

Yellow Zinc is similar to an Electro Galvanized fastener but may offer slightly better corrosion protection. Yellow Zinc fasteners are recommended for interior applications.