Step 1
Fastener chart Use the Color Coded Angle and Size Chart to the right to identify the length, angle and collation of your nail:

A) Place the point of the first nail of the strip or coil on the nail shown and lay the strip or coil on the chart.

B) With the fasteners on the chart you will be able to see the length of the nail and the points of the nails will fall within a color angle bar to identify the angle of the nails.


Step 2
Fastener chart After you identify the Length, Angle, Collation and Color Code:

A) Find the matching label for the fastener. In this case, you would look for the GREEN color bar on the label for 22 degree.

B) In most cases, label text is GREEN for hot dip galvanized, BLUE for stainless steel and BLACK for bright.

C) Find your tool model in the list to verify it fits your tool. Consult the catalog or website for a more complete list of tools.


How to read our label
How to read our labels


How to read our part numbers
How to read our labels